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The Creole Horse

The Creole horse comes from the first horses, Andalusian and Arab, imported by the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century. Over time these horses, often wild, adapted to their new surroundings, to the plains of the pampa, became resistant and rustic by natural selection.

The natives and gauchos, who lived in the plains, domesticated them and adopted them for their displacements and work with cattle. At the end of the nineteenth century, it was encastró with new races. But the fans imposed a rigorous selection to defend the race that today is appreciated by all South America. The Association of creole horse breeders has secured this defense and control since 1923.

One of its most important characteristics is that it can travel hundreds of kilometers and carry loads without weakening

Source and more information about the Creole horse: http://ow.ly/QUPw30bSPVo


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