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Peron and his horse pinto Mancha

If there is an emblematic photo and with a symbolic load unparalleled in Peronism is that of Peron mounted on horseback. Framed in the festivities and commemoration of the San Martín Year, a parade took place on August 17, 1950 led by President Juan Domingo Perón with his pinto horse, called Mancha.


Ionically, the photos of Evita and Perón define a period and a political style, but the one that immortalized the chamber of the matancero Antonio Perez, was the eternal poster of basic units and unions.

Peron, an animal lover, had great friends in dogs and horses. In his fifth of San Vicente demolished the old house and had a large chalet built and a horse stable where he housed the famous horse.

There are also images in magazines of the time where it is testified that I use it to jump with obstacles and other activities of equitation to the homonym of the Mancha that with Cat rode the continent years before in heroic crossing.
The horse’s race was Appaloosa. There were famous stables with this breed in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, and in Salta, where it is also said that in a wit of Salta, he knew to have copies that were given by Peron and came from Cuba. Also an anecdote of 1953 where, before the visit of the President, the Peronist militants tried to honor it with a parade with a local Stain – painted to brush for the occasion – but that an inopportune downpour distills to the suffered horse.

Within the framework of its State policy in defense of horses, the President of the Nation Juan Domingo Perón, affirmed on September 21, 1950 – commemorating the day of the Creole horse – on the occasion of the donation of 100 Criollo horses to mount The Riobamba squadron, which «not only commits my deepest gratitude, but also inspires a motive for the righteous remembrance of this noble race, to which the Great Captain Don Jose de San Martin entrusted the leadership of the Army of the Andes.»

On that occasion, President Perón also affirmed: «I have printed in the book of the Regiment that keeps the memories of the visits, the brief and synthetic history of a Criollo horse that, it may be said, is in the Legion of Heroes that formed the Regiment».

Less dignified and truculent is this information: Did you know that Perón prohibited by decree the meat of horses?


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